With Division Boosting our professional players will play either with you (Duo Queue) or on your account (Solo Queue) to boost your account to the desired division. 

Placement Boosting is perfect for anyone who’s Unranked. Our professionals will play with you (Duo Queue) or on your account (Solo Queue) in order to achieve a high win rate on your placement matches.

Win Boosting guarantees a net sum of wins on an account. Our professionals will either play on your account (Solo Queue) or with you (Duo Queue) in order to achieve the amount of net wins ordered.




Fast Service, most of our boosting jobs are completed within 24-48 hours from the time of order.

Skype and e-mail support as well as updates on all orders. In addition live chat support when our live chat agents are available.

All Solo Queue boosters regardless of type (Division Boosting, Placement Boosting, or Win Boosting) use VPN’s which match your geographic location with a 50 mile proximity. This is to ensure a safe boosting experience for all of our customers.

Our site has a SSL certificate, which means all payments are encrypted and 100% safe. Shop feeling 100% safe.


Question:  How can I be sure that I will not be banned for Elo Boosting?

Answer:  Our boosters will play with a VPN in order to change the IP address with one which matches your geographic location. Therefore we will guarantee an anonymous and safe eloboosting experience.

Question: Will you use my IP/RP Points?

Answer: If you don’t want your Influence Points (IP) to be used please tell us, since boosters might need some champions and runes to finish the boosting properly and as fast as possible. However the boosters will NEVER use your Riot Points (RP)

Question: Can I play ranked games while my order is in progress?

Answer: No, after boosting service completion we will take a screen shot of your Elo. If you continue playing and drop the rating, we are not liable to push the rating back up.

Question: How much does it usually take to end a divisions boost?

Answer: Usually we will do 1 division a day, unless you get less than 17 lp/game. Therefore, for five divisions worth of boosting it may take 5-6 days to complete.

Question: Will you speak to my friends or add new friends?

Answer: Our boosters will NEVER speak to anyone and will complete the boost in an anonymous profile in order to satisfy our customers.

Question: How many wins can you guarantee me with the placement boosts?

Answer: WE will guarantee 70% win rate, our goal however is to get 100% win rate. For every loss past the first 3 losses (if that ever is the case) our boosters will have to play 3 additional matches on the account for free.

Question: Will I buy wins or games with the Duo Queue?

Answer: You will purchase games, but our booster will play as good as he can in Duo Queue with the customers in order to provide as many wins as he can.

Question: How does the Duo Queue placements work?

Answer: These are the prices for placements for any Elo required for a Duo Queue boost with one of our high Elo players (Diamond 1-Challenger). For customers that will buy the full package (10 games) we guarantee 70% win rate. While of course the goal will be to attain 100% wins. For every loss past the first 3 losses (if that ever is the case) our boosters will play 3 more games with the customer after he will be placed in a division for FREE! ETA: Once the customers complete the transaction, they can pick the time they wish to play with our boosters.

Question: How does Placements Boosting work?

Answer: These are the prices for unranked games for any Elo required. For customers that purchase the full package (10 games) we will guarantee a 70% win ratio while our aim is to achieve 100% win rate (and we often do achieve that goal). For every loss beyond three matches our boosters will play three additional games FREE of charge. ETA: The average time is 24-48 hours, it is preferred that you do not log into the account while the boosting is in progress, this is to prevent the accidental kicking of the booster while in the middle of a game.

Question: How does the Duo Queue Divisions Boosting work? 

Answer: Our boosters will play with you until the desired Elo and will help you improve at the game with tips and advise. It is a type of coaching with the boosted to the desired Elo.